Tracking the fading light of the night’s stars against that of the emerging day, for the series Endings I chose historical, individual moments exploring the rift between past and future.

The two juxtaposed elements of light are shown in two layers: scenes at dawn and dusk are painted with dye onto fabric paired against the stitched lines of the stars fading with dawn or emerging with dusk. Here the first light of day—a harbinger of what is to come—is contrasted against the stitching of stars burning out in the sky, a symbol of what is lost.

I use a computer program to calculate the actual stars seen at any chosen historic moment, allowing a kind of time traveling that places the viewer at a specific vantage point.

The works have an aspect ratio of 1.85, the same proportions as classic John Wayne westerns like The Searchers, playing off the cliché of riding into the sunset and questioning the idea of an ending implied in that fading of the day’s light.

Additional Bodies of Work