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(C) 2017 Anna von Mertens

Gray Area/Ocean Currents
2004, hand-stitched, hand-dyed cotton, 60" x 80" x 17"

The three Gray Area pieces have stitch patterns that use properties of water to illustrate the complex nuances existing between the poles of black and white thinking exemplified in the diptych Black and White.

As part of this triptych, Gray Area/Ocean Currents shows various currents in the world's oceans, embodying the idea of cyclical return. Gray Area/Ocean Currents' stitched arrows show individual currents, cycles of the major oceans, and, on the largest scale, the thousand-year circulation of water from the surface to the bottom and back again. This massive conveyor belt travels through all of the world's oceans, taking a thousand years to carry one drop of water from warm to cold, shallow to deep.


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