VIA : Diptych Via/
(C) 2017 Anna von Mertens

Diptych Via/ Navajo White to Tusk Tusk, Moonlight Sonata to Blue Waltz, Delicate Yellow to Celandine, with Via/ Lee, Mom, Chris, Liz, Jessica and Lisa's least favorite color, the New Hampshire sky color at 4 p.m. described by Mom over the phone, the color of my morning pee
2000, hand-dyed, hand-stitched cotton, steel angle, steel tubing, plastic sheet, 60" x 80" x 15" (each)

The colors for the piece on the left are based on hardware store paint chips; the colors on the right are personal versions of those paint chips.

The stitch pattern for each piece is a different layer of the same circuit board. The pattern of "vias" (plated holes that allow information to pass from one layer of the circuit board to another) is the same on each piece, while the circuitry of each layer is completely different.


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